LinkSprite McLaren communication module

LinkSprite McLaren communication module

Keywords: LinkSprite McLaren communication module, McLaren- High Speed Powerline Communication PLC-UART

Part No.:PES003

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LinkSprite's broadband powerline communication module (5Mbps throughput on the powerline). Based on the feedbacks of LinkSprite narrow band powerline communication modem, broadband modems are consisted of a PLC-UART motherboard, UART-RS232 daughter board, UART-RS485 daughter board, UART-USB daughter board, UART-Zigbee daughter board and UART-Ethernet daughter board.


On the PLC-UART motherboard, there is a 20-pin 2mm spacing receptacle, users can choose different daughter boards based on the interface needs. This 20-pin receptacle is also pin-compatible with Xbee module from Digi (


The PLC-UART motherboard also support DIP by optional pins that can be used to directly plug to user's board without doing screwing. The interface board signals such as RS232/RS485/USB signals are also routed back to motherboard through the 20-pin receptacle, and again to users' board through these DIP pins.


Powerline communication transceiver modules from LinkSprite  (LinkSprite modules) are transceiver modules designed to send/receiver serial data over the powerline network. PLC-UART is designed to transparently move serial data over the powerline network, and achieves the target of replacing cables by the ubiquitous powerline network.


 Recommended wall adapter 5V 2A:

  • AC and DC powerline Communications
  • Fully transparent mode, plug and play coming out of the box without the need to do any programming.
  • Homeplug 1.0
  • 5Mbps throughput on the power line
  • Built-in error correction codes.
  • AT commands used for advanced configuration.
  • 3.3V TTL UART, Optional RS232, RS485. USB, Ethernet, Zigbee interfaces
  • RoHS

Product name

High Speed PLC-UART Transceiver Module

(Homgplug serial adapter)



Optional interface cards:

RS232 (model/ordering no: UART-RS232)

RS485 (model/ordering no: UART-RS485)

USB (model/ordering no: UART-USB)

Ethernet (model/ordering no: UART-Ethernet)


Communication Line Voltage



0-400V DC

Supply Voltages

5V 2A  DC


OFDM (Homeplug 1.0 Compatible)

Error Correction

FEC£¨Forward Error Correction£©

Data rate on Powerline

5Mbps (throughput)

Maximum packet data length


Transmission distance

300 feets£¨no repeater£©

Support nodes number



Power Line Activity  LED

system LED

serial port LED