Touch LCD Shield

This is a multifunctional Arduino/Arduino Mega compatible resistive touch screen.

Part No.PES029


This is a multifunctional Arduino/Arduino Mega compatible resistive touch screen. It can be used as display device or sketch pad. With a SD card module integrated also on this shield, this shield reserves great room for other expansions to your project.



  • Big screen for easy and comfortable experience
  • Backlight controllable via programming
  • 65535 rich colors display
  • SPI pin-saving communication method
  • Full screen touch active range


Item Min Typical Max Unit
Voltage 4.5 5 5.5 VDC
Current / / 250 mA
LCD Panel Size 2.8 inch
View angle 60~120 Deg
Resolution 320x240 /
LCD color 65k /
Backlight Type LED /
LCD driver IC ILI9341 /
Interface Type SPI /
Touch Screen 4-Wire resistive touch screen /
Active area 43.2*57.3 mm
ESD contact discharge ±4 KV
ESD air discharge ±8 KV
Dimension 72.5x54.7x18 mm
Weight 24±2 g


  • Don’t press too hard on the screen which might cause display distortion. 
  • Be careful to deposit the fragile screen.

Pins usage on Arduino

Pins Used for TFT Screen Control:
D4: TF_CS, SD card select input pin

D5: TFT_CS, TFT chip select input pin

D6: TFT_D/C, TFT Data/Command control pin

D7: BACKLIGHT, TFT backlight control pin

Pins Used for SPI Interface:
D10: SPI chip select
D11: SPI MOSI pin

D12: SPI MISO pin

D13: SPI serial clock pin

Pins Used for Touch Function:
A0 - Touch Screen Y- input pin.

A1 - Touch Screen X- input pin.

A2 - Touch Screen Y+ input pin.

A3 - Touch Screen X+ input pin.

TFT Programming

The TFT library provides the following Application Programming Interfaces(API). The library makes use of direct access to PORT registers instead of Arduino APIs. This is to increase the speed of communication between MCU and TFT. At present, the library supports Arduino, Arduino Mega (1280 or 2560) and Seeeduino ADK Main Board compatible boards. In Mega the 8bit data port of TFT is distributed to different pins belonging to different ports. This decreases the speed of graphics drawing when compared to Arduino. The choice of port pins are purely based on Arduino / Mega port pin arrangement. Readmore