VS1053 Development Board MP3 Module

VS1053 Development Board MP3 Module,VS1053 MP3 Sound Module

Keywords: VS1053 Development Board MP3 Module,VS1053 MP3 Sound Module

Part No.: PMS035

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Introduction :

1、VS1053:VS1053 audio decoding format:Ogg Vorbis decoding.
Mp3、AAC、MPEG4/2 AAC‐LC(+PNS)、MPEG 1 & 2 audio class III (CBR + VBR + ABR)、HE‐AAC V2 (SBR + PS)、WMA 4.0/4.1/7/8/9 (profiles)(5‐384 kbps)、WAV(PCM + IMA ADPCM)、universal MIDI 1 / SP‐MIDI ;The tape code format:IMA ADPCM (mono),a microphone and Line into (Line input) two input method;Support MP3 or WAV flow;Low power consumption;Has the internal phase locked loop clock frequency of an times;High quality stereo digital-to-analog converters (DAC);16 adjustable inside of digital converter (ADC);High quality stereo earplugs drive (30 Ω);Separate simulate、digital and IO the power supply;Serial data and control interface (SPI);
2、SPI interface, control signal lines are drawn out.
3、One headset and audio output interface.
4、One microphone, used for recording.
5、One line_in input interface.
6、One indicator.
7、On-board 3.3 V and 2.5 V LDO 1117, and can supply the max 800 mA current.
8、Single power supply : + 5 VDC, capacitance filter.
9、12.288 Mhz crystals.
10、PCB size : 50 x40. 5 mm.
This item can be compatible with AVR、ARM and Arduino Series MCU 
And it can be used with some basic sound module such as SD module and other Mp3 module.

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